Radio Production

Fact:  Radio is gaining in popularity again!  

Carrig Sound can help you with the concept, script and sound design for your ad.  Listeners are far more likely to listen if the concept and wording is unusual, quirky and different from the rest.  Add to that our continuously expanding Sound FX database (currently over 20 gigabytes of sound FX – you name it and we’ll have it or will get it for you), plus a large database of voice-over artists to be able to particularly suit your needs, and your ad will stand out from the rest! 

Couple with that the opportunity of having originally composed music, avoiding copyright issues and the danger of over-used melodies.  Depending on your ad we can compose the most subtle of melodies to the totally outrageous! 

With online radio now available, there are tens of thousands of specialist and international stations to choose from, making it possible to target specific audiences.  Carrig Sound can Produce, Record, Mix and Master top-quality advertisements for any market.