Mastering is NOT just putting everything through a limiter and making it loud! Mastering is taking music and optimising it so that it sounds good on any playback system whether it’s a car stereo, front room hi-fi or the plushest most expensive sound system in the world.  It is taking a collection of songs that might have been mixed at different times, sometimes in different places, and making them sound like they belong together in volume, tone and quality.  Mastering can be anything from subtle enhancement to major improvement, whatever the music requires. Carrig Sound do this using the best in both Analogue and Digital processing (please see Equipment List), a properly calibrated Monitor System,  many years experience Mastering different musical genres  and, of course, a great pair of ears!

It’s not a question of IF you can afford to Master, it’s can you afford NOT to? 

Mastering a song or piece of music (under 10 minutes long)  currently costs just 40 Euro, and at this price, it would  be madness not to! See our Rates Page for full details

Why not take us up on our FREE OFFER to Master half of one of your songs wherever you recorded it, so you can hear whether you like what we do BEFORE paying a cent?!   We let you take it away  to compare and contrast the results in the comfort of your  own home, and you are under no obligation to use us. Email us for more information.  This offer is open to any soloist or band who have not  already tried out this Free Mastering Offer