Sound Engineering for Beginners

This course is specifically for beginners who have no or very little previous knowledge of Sound Engineering, and for Musicians who are wanting to improve their sound. This course is equivalent to a QQI (FETAC) Level 3. If after completing this course you wish to continue and take the intermediate level (the 2nd 10 weeks of the 20 week Sound Engineering Foundation Course), you may do so for a further €250, and as soon as a space becomes available. (However please note, by signing up for the 20-week Foundation course to start with, you will save yourself €100, and your place on the 2nd half of the course is guaranteed to run consecutively)

Hands-On from Week 1, covering the basics of Sound Engineering, please see a full week-by-week breakdown below  
January 2019 start date to be confirmed
Duration of course:
One 2-hour lesson per week for 10 weeks
7:00pm (prompt) – 9:00pm
€250  A non-refundable deposit of €50 will secure your place. Any outstanding balance to be paid in advance, before commencement of course

Class Size:
Minimum 5, maximum 10 (for optimum learning and plenty of hands-on experience time)
If we are unable to get a minimum of 5 participants, this course may be postponed

Lesson-by-Lesson breakdown of the Beginners Sound Engineering Course:
01    Intro to Mixing Desk  topology, Mic pre-amps, connections between Mixer & Computer Audio Interface, & introduction to software
02    Auxiliary sends: Headphone mixes, Effects sends/returns
03    Reverb: What it is, When to use it, Main controls
04    Compressors: Dynamic range, Controls, Uses, Special
05    EQ (Equaliser): Frequency response, Controls, Frequency  juggling, Subtractive EQ
06    Microphones: Types (Dynamic, Condenser, Electret) their uses and  differences & mic-ing up many different instruments
07    Mixing exercise I: Tutor demonstrates full mix of singer-songwriter  recording, & students watch and ask questions
08    Recording Practice: Setting up headphone mix & Talkback,  Project preparation in Reaper
09    Recording: Students mic up & record a live singer-songwriter guided by  tutor, take wav files home & Mix recording
10    Listen to & discuss/analyse Students Mixes & demonstrate  Mastering a Mix