Recording, Mixing and Mastering

At Carrig Sound we can deliver your project from initial recording, through mixing & mastering and ready for CD duplication. We have location recording equipment, as well as a superb Post Production Suite where we can Mix and Master and either burn to CD, convert to MP3 or any other format you require. 

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One-on-one Private Tuition and Grinds currently available. Day time and Evening part-time courses covering all aspects of Sound Engineering and Music Technology will run again once our new premises is fully operational.  Classes and Grinds are presented with passion and humour!  

Radio Production/Sound Design

For a really dynamic & uniquely produced radio ad, marketing companies need access to the artistic community: musicians, composers, actors & copywriters, as well as those with knowledge of sound design for film, and recording expertise.   Carrig Sound can provide all of the above!